Britny Brooks-Perilli (she/her) is a writer and associate editor at Running Press living in Philadelphia.

 As the office nerd, I enjoy working on books that explore and celebrate pop culture, fandom, and the amazing communities that make them up. If you’d see it at a convention or if it’s something that people can be passionate about, then it’s probably something I would be interested in. Things like video games, table-top games, comics/graphic novels, anime, film, television, less traditional sports, competitions, etc. are all things that I enjoy reading about (and I’m a fan of quite a few of these things).

One thing that is very important to me as a new editor is highlighting and supporting the marginalized voices in the pop culture and fandom communities. While I’m excited to see work from all voices, I’m currently working very hard to prioritize work (both in fiction and non-fiction) that is written by people of color, LGBTQA+, neuro-diverse, and other marginalized voices. We are all fans and the things that we love and the communities we build around those things are important. I want to publishing stories that reflect the power and importance of these communities and that also show how we can continue to help these communities be safe, supportive spaces for fans of all kinds.

As someone with tons of ideas and who works for an imprint that partners up with popular licenses and brands on book and ancillary projects, I’m also always looking for writers with a strong, entertaining voice and solid writing chops to partner with for collaborative work-for-hire projects (both fiction and non-fiction).

I am currently only accepting submissions from agents at this time for contemporary, commercial, character-driven YA fiction as well as entertaining, upbeat, and informative non-fiction for children and adults. And if I have asked or reached out to you in some way to read your work (for example if I requested to see your work from #PitMad, #DVPit, etc. or I have contacted you for a work-for-hire project), please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

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